• You must be 18 years old.
  • You must have a valid driving license.


  • You must provide a valid identity proof in original which includes Aadhaar card, Voter id, or Passport. Same shall be deposited at the time of pickup and returned to you after you drop off.
  • A valid address proof.
  • Copy of Driving License.
  • We may deny booking in case you fail to produce the documents at the time of pickup. No refund will be given in such case.


  • Unlimited kilometers (Except where specifically mentioned)
  • One free helmet.
  • Petrol can.
  • Use of vehicle for 24×7 till drop off time (Only for Leh trip).
  • Local daily rental timing is from 9am to 9 pm.


Fuel is totally on you. You will get the bike with a full tank and you have to return it back with a full tank or take our bike with complimentary fuel to reach nearest fuel station.


A Pillion rider is allowed to you with no extra charges. However if he/she also intend to drive during your rent out period, a copy of valid driving license must be provided to us at the time of pickup.


  • You will be provided with a fully serviced bike.
  • You must properly check out the bike before going on the ride.
  • You must report to us as soon as possible in case of any failure. Please, not that No roadside assistance is applicable for the vehicle driven beyond city limits.  Such vehicles are wholly the responsibility of the rider and any failures are to be made good on rider’s expense.
  • You take full responsibility to maintain serviceability of the bike. Any damages to the bike occurred during your rental period will solely borne by you.
  • In case of any unfortunate accident leading to the death of the renter, you permit us and our partners to recover any damages to the bike from your legal heirs/ next of kin. And you cannot claim anything with respect to bike as the insurance provided with the bike is third party.


  • You must follow all the traffic rules while driving, in case of any negligence Rent N Explore will not be liable. All the challans will be paid by the rider himself.
  • Rent N Explore will not be liable to any consequences if the rider is riding under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs. In Case of any accident under the influence of alcohol or drug, the rider has to pay the damage charges.
  • Drive under the speed limit. Don’t forget we are tracking your ride and speed. There is a fine of INR 1000/- every time you violate the speed limit of 90 Kmph. If you want to take the motorcycle for racing or sports, kindly talk with our sales team who shall assist you for the same.
  • You should always wear a helmet while riding.
  • You cannot use our bikes for racing purposes without our written permission. Rent N Explore may impose a penalty of Rs 25,000/- for such abuse of bike.
  • You are also not permitted to make any stunts such as wheelie, stoppie, burnout etc using our rental vehicle. A penalty of Rs 35,000/- is payable by you if you are found to be involved in such abuse of our bikes.


All the bookings from Rent N Explore depend on the availability of the bikes. We will refund you full booking amount in case we are unable to fulfil your booking owing to situations beyond our control. Same shall reflect in your bank account within 10 working days.


You need to pay a fully refundable security deposit at the time of pick up only. You must check the amount required for security deposits at the time of making a booking. Failures to comply with our security deposit requirements may force us to deny booking. Please be aware that no refund is applicable in this case. The security deposit per bike for local travel (within city limits) is Rs. 2000 and for Leh or Spiti tour the security deposit will be Rs. 10000.


  • You must inform us in advance if you want to extend your trip.
  • Extension of the trip depends on the availability of the bike and prevailing rates at that time.


  • You must return the bike on assigned time in fully serviceable condition. Any damages or failures will be charged up to the amount to make a bike serviceable using genuine spare parts of the bike.
  • Late returns up to one hour of drop off time are accepted without any extra charges for bookings beyond 24 hrs. Afterward double of the daily charges plus a late fee of INR 1000  will be payable by you. In case you extend your trip late fee will not be levied.
  • You must drop the bike at the same location from where you picked it up.
  • You can’t leave or abandon the bike without written permission of Rent N Explore in or its authorized business partners. There is a fine upto full security deposit as well as legal action will be taken against you.
  • You are also not permitted to give the bike other than authorized riders during your rent out period.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on Rent N Explore vehicles. If any signs/ burns found on the vehicle or accessories, user shall be liable to pay fine amounting INR 500 plus the full cost of replacement of spare/ accessory.
  • The user must return the vehicle in clean condition. Additional cleaning fee of INR 75 is applicable if vehicle is returned in dirty condition.
  • Whatever the spare parts (which was provided by us at the time of pickup) used during the trip , the cost of the same has to bare by you.


There may be servicing due during your rent out period for which you will be notified at the time of pickup. The charges for such servicing will be reimbursed by us at the time of drop off subjected to the production of original bill/invoice.


  • In case of damages to the motorcycle due to accidents or otherwise, you are liable to pay the full amount to make the bike serviceable and you have to pay the per day rental till the time bike will be available for renting again.
  • In case of theft full value of a new motorcycle.
  • In case of loss of helmet, you have to pay Rs. 1000.
  • All the traffic challans/ penalties for violation of traffic rules is the sole responsibility of the rider and must be paid off to traffic authorities